Waiting for the snow

It’s the middle of January. I live in Poland, in northern part of northern hemisphere, so I can expect winter conditions to rule in this season of the year. Taking this into account I booked room in Polish mountain resort for  1 week skiing holiday as my children have 2 weeks free time from school. The problem is there is no snow. What is worse, there is even no freeze, some 5 celsius degrees in plus, even at night. But it brought me an idea to take bicycles instead of skis, so we can visit beautiful green Polish-Slovak borderland on 2 wheels.

 OK, it’s not the whole truth, we have now in Poland severe winter, but only in central and northern Poland, where you can’t find (almost) any mountains. It’s something terribly wrong with Polish geography – we have mountains on south and lakes and sea (the cold ones) on north. Which means we have problems with lack of snow in skiing resorts and often too cold water in summer in lakes and Baltic sea and bad weather in summer destinations.

I postponed a bit writing this text, so meantime weather changed a bit and we, even in southern Poland eventually welcomed freeze. It made situaiton for skiers a bit better as skilift owners despite lack of natural snow can produce now an artificial snow with their snowcannons. Does it make me happier? You’d think “sure”, but not quite – my favourite sort of skiing has been cross-country skiing for about  last 10 years and this sport requires a lot of natural snow. I’m afraid I will have not enough of that this season. But at least kids will be happy as they of course prefer normal lazy skiing. My wallet won’t be happy with this either.      


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