Bicycle trip from Rzeszów to Baltic coast, Pl, i.e. refreshing old memories + wonderful people CS/WS met along my way

Chapter 1

5th August 2014 – don’t slight your own region not taking any map of it

It was to be one of the longest stage of my travel – about 150 km so I set an alarm clock for 5 a.m. But as always when it regards me, when the journey is quite close I’ve got problems with good regular sleeping so I woke up at …3 a.m. Unfortunately despite quite good weather forecast day started with rain so I had to postpone start. I didn’t want to set off from my town wet. So, I waited till about 6 a.m. and at last my adventure began. That very day profi cycling Tour de Pologne was to be hosted in my town at evening…


I haven’t taken any electronic devices used by modern travelers as GPS, smartphones, tablets, etc, just had with me some old fashioned (?) paper maps and old mobile without internet. I haven’t taken a map of my region as I thought I knew it well enough by heart to get to neighbouring Lubelskie voivodship. It turned out to me my mistake which made my I stage almost 50 km longer… I twice missed turning left so I rode more towards south-east than north-east. The sky was totally grey, no sunshine, so I was not aware of it. It happened in almost completely not inhabited area as I chose riding through local roads with as less car traffic as possible, so there was no one to ask for a proper way.

I prepared sort of breakfast in beautiful surroundings of Brzóza Królewska over a stream about 50 km from my town Rzeszów, it’s a place I quite often had visited as a child and later was there a few times with my kids.


When at last I got to main road and checked a map of Lubelskie (this one I luckily had) it turned out I was much more on south than expected. I did my best to reach Zamość and my first host before dusk. I succeeded but was exhausted. I used my wife as communication centre calling her to check on google.maps how should I get to street I was looking for. It (or rather Beata) worked so well, that we repeated it quite regularly next days. It turned out I broke my record of 1 day bicycle trip: 197 km – it was kind of shock that I’m able to make such a distance in 1 day. My hosts Jacek and his wife welcome me very friendly, I took shower and after 1 beer and 2 coffees I felt refreshed and quite proud of myself. We talked sipping beer/coffee about this and that and eventually I came to the very deserved deep sleep.

to be continued


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