Bicycle trip from Rzeszów to Baltic coast, Pl, … chapter 3, 7th August 2014 – there is nothing like country life

Wereszczyn – I haven’t heard of this village until I opened computer at 3 a.m. the day of my trip start 2 days ago. In CS forum I had announced that I would ride from S to N more or less along eastern border of Poland, inviting CS members to join, meet or host me. Artur from Wereszczyn was the only one who offered to accommodate me. I checked location on map and was quite glad, because thanks to him I would be able to catch a glimpse at Piaseczno lake near Łęczna, the one I liked so much some 30 (!) years ago. As a Pole teenager in 80-ies I couldn’t dreram of visiting south of Europe, so I had imagined that crystal clear lake is my “Adriatic”…


So, Piaseczno lake and later Wereszczyn were goals of the day.

Rafał, my Chełm host appeared early morning, we talked briefly for a while and soon I set off as another hot day begun. It wasn’t long trip and about 11 a.m. I found little nice grass beach with only an angler in his boat floating near. I swam in quite warm and beautifully clean lake. It felt wonderful.


Radler on the beach tasted great. Afetr a wonderful few hours of lazy doing nothing except of swimming and sunbathing I moved further along red bicycle route which led me directly to Wereszczyn and my new awesome hosts – Artur, his wife and son. I was impressed by warm greeting as well as by beauty of their home – modern and simultanously rustic looking. Their son have climbing wall in his room – what a great idea!


Home which they have been building mostly by themselves for 8 yers and now they are selling (if you’re interested send me message and I’ll inform them :). They are people who want to squeeze all the best out of their life, people who don’t agree with boredom. In 2 days from our meeting they were flying to remote Guatemala juts because they by chance had found very cheap tickets some months ago. It was opportunity they couldn’t let pass by. Deep respect! I had great time in Wereszczno filled with discussions about all kinds of travels, child bringing, work and many more less or more important issues. We drank delicious coffee from frenchpress (before, I had no idea what it is), cider (I hope there will be my another post about Russian embargo-fighting-cider-drinking issue) and ate sausages roasted over bonfire. They even invited me for a little bird-watching bicycle tour as they live almost in Poleski Ntional Park – a paradise for bird-watchers (herons, cranes etc.).


This day ended with 83 km on the counter and was filled with pure happiness of country life pros.


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