Bicycle trip from Rzeszów to Baltic coast, Pl, … chapter 4, 8th August 2014 –always travel with your passport (even if you don’t plan to leave Shengen zone)

Leaving friendly hosts in Wereszczyn wasn’t easy task – great morning coffee, green views outside window panes made me lazy, so I had to find hidden layer of energy and finally said goodbye.


I started the route hosts recommended me and it was really good choice, once again I had opportunity to ride through Poleski National Park and admire its nature. Later, among forests from time to time appeared forgotten cemeteries.


Finally for the first time in my travel I got to eastern Polish border – with Ukraine on the Bug river. Just before it I reached view tower in Wola Uhruska, climbed it and watched how green is my countr.y


I was heading north. And at once I was sooo pity I hadn’t taken passport with me. There occurred a weekend event between Poland and Ukraine – pontoon bridge between our countries which enabled easy access to neighbours.


Normally, crossing Pl-Ua or Ua-Pl border is not such an easy thing to do, sometimes you have to wait a few hours in long queue as e.g. I had to in 2011 heading to Ukrainian Crimea. Now, there was opportunity to cross the border without waiting, some 30 km away from the nearest regular border crossing and what’s more, behind Bug river awaited huge lakes (e.g. Switez lake) I many times admired … on a map. They were so close, yet always so far away. Now I was only about an hour of pedalling to see them live. But I hadn’t taken damn passport with me because I hadn’t planed to leave Shengen zone, fu…neral of my dream… I made my mind to take my passport leaving my town, always! And I rode further north instead of east passing many Ukrainians (with passports) selling on the side of sandy road cheap cigarettes, alcohol and sweets. This day destination for me was Okuninka, a village by Białe (White) and a few others lakes. It is the place my family used to go for summer holiday quite often in 80-ies. And it is an example that sometimes it’s better to let your good memories live in your head than trying to check how it looks now. Some 30 years ago we camped wild on the beach of nearby Święte (Saint) Lake and from there we were going every morning through meadows 2 km to the “centre” of village to the only grocery shop for fresh bread or rolls and some cottage cheese. Sometimes you had to wait in line half an hour to buy these things for breakfast. It was typical, quiet Polish village, far from noisy cities. Nowadays it became so popular that during weekend about 20.000 people gets there, many of them with huge stocks of alcohol, the noise of disco everyone has to hear till 4 a.m. Main street looks like a one in Cracow or Zakopane, there are (too) many shops, restaurants and etc.


When I got there I only swam in Białe (I just had to do it)


and rode as fast as possible to another lake – Glinki, hidden in the forest, which resemble the most as it was long time ago.


I slept there one night in tent and I had rather bad night waking quite often due to music, shouts and screams floating to me across the water of lake from Okuninka’s disco.



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