Bicycle trip from Rzeszów to Baltic coast, Pl, … chapter 5, 9th August 2014 – when bicycling in Poland don’t always trust bicycle route signs (unfortunately)

I didn’t want to wait till tent is dry so I packed it with some moist on and headed a bit east to reach again border Bug river near little town of Włodawa. There were red bicycle route signs which I gladly followed as the route were located just along the river. Soon it appeared that the person who called it bicycle route had to possess huge sense of humour as the route was rather proper horse path but for sure not a bicycle one. There were lots of sand, water and mud, which made first kilometers of my day were slow and tiring. I made just a few km and lost 3 hours and much more energy. But, at least I had an opportunity to take a closer look at Bug and Belarus behind it.



Of course, I took some pictures of Belarus side of the river, on one of which were towers of church in one of Belarus little town or village.


It was about 2 weeks later, already back at home that I realized it wasn’t Belarus, it was Polish Włodawa’s church and winding river simply fooled me. Eventually I found again the asphalt road and promised myself not to leave it that day to reach my aim – Biała Podlaska – before sunset. Next stops were in Jabłeczna with famous Saint Onuphrius Orthodox Church


and in Kodeń with its basilica with a painted icon portraying the Spanish statue of Our Lady of Guadelupe, which according to the legend Sapieha, the owner of Kodeń stole from Pope and was subsequently excomunicated.


Riding the (very) east of Poland many churches are the most common attractions, of course besides nature, e.g. rivers flowing the way they did centuries ago (no concrete banks etc) and starks seen on almost every electric pole or chimney.


And horses, aren’t they pretty ?



I was in Kodeń that I left the main road north and turned left in direction of Biała Podlaska, where my host Artur awaited me. I called him several kilometres before Biała as we had set it earlier and he told me he’d ride towards me so we could go together to his house. It was very kind of him and saved me some time of finding his place. We rode together last of 90 km of that day. Arthur showed me and told about many landmarks of his town. After reaching his cosy home and taking showers I felt better than 5-star hotel client. The variety of delicious salads, meats and beers with addition to my tiring made me feel like in heaven J Me, Artur and his family spent wonderful summer evening time tasting those delicacys on the veranda in shadow of trees in completely quiet charming place talking about beauty of land and people of Podlasie – region in north-eastern Poland I have just started to ride through.    


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