Bicycle trip from Rzeszów to Baltic coast, Pl, … chapter 6, 10th August 2014 – don’t pay the ferryman

After copious and delicious breakfast my hosts in Biała equipped me (I always thought it was guest who is supposed to give little gifts according to CS etiquette 🙂 with t-shirt and regional cake to eat while riding and I headed north in very good mood.

Of course, I was accompanied by lots of storks everywhere – it’s Podlasie area!


After about 20 km I made it to Janów Podlaski, little provincial town with famous, eastablished in 1817 stud, where purebred Arabians and Anglo-Arabians are breeded. The vast area is surrounded by lust meadows. Janów itself is tiny but has a charm of its own kind.


Horses in the stud are beautiful and so is the old stud itself.


Horses come to you, usually  it’s enough to stretch hand in their direction, probably they count for the carrot you can buy there for them. Every year in Janów’s stud is being held the auction called “Pride of Poland”, the most significant buyer is wife of Rolling Stones drummer – Shirley Watts, this year she left in Janów 575.000 EUR buying a few horses. As my trip was planned to be on budget I haven’t bought one and was forced to continue my way on bicycle.

Just a few km further I reached again Bug river, but this time both sides of the river were Polish.


The only way to cross the river was a ferry.


Soon it turned out that ferrymen have their brake between noon and 2 and as I got there at 12.15 I had about 2 hours of compulsory lazy time. I used this time for resting on the meadow. An cyclist going the opposite way to mine wasn’t so patient and used a kayak as a supplementary mean of transport.


At last the break eneded and we could get on board. The ferry here is free, so don’t pay the ferryman. But if you really want to – no problem, he’s got quite a hard work, no engine!


The further way leads along Bug on it’s northern side to Mielnik, historical spot with picturesque view form the castle hill, with ruins of the castle and Orthodox church.


I tried regional speciallty – kiszka ziemniaczana – in a restaurant and set off to Siemiatycze, a little town in which I met my next CS host, Janina. She turned out to be very busy woman working about 11 hours a day. Living almost in a village in very eastern Poland where impact of church on people’s mind is very strong, she surprised me with her strong personal views incl. politics which were often quite opposite to those from official church or government stream. So, we immersed in discusion sipping cidder… until it was late enough to say goodnight.

just a detail of Podlasie area folk architecture

4 thoughts on “Bicycle trip from Rzeszów to Baltic coast, Pl, … chapter 6, 10th August 2014 – don’t pay the ferryman

  1. Thanks everyone for dropping by and for all comments you left, now I see it’s much easier to ride a bike 1.600 km in 2 weeks than to write about it later in 1 month 🙂

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