Some funny names on the map of Poland

Before I’ll write about next stage of my east Poland bike trip let’s take a break and look at some of funny (IMHO) names of Polish villages I rode through.


Łapiguz – in English: Catches a Bruise


Rozkoszówka – in English: place when a Bliss rules. But, as in this village is pre II WW brick road surface, cycling there wasn’t definitely bliss for my buttocks


Start Bubel – in English: Old Trash


Sądry – Polish “Są” means in English “they are”, so I “translated” the name into “They Are Dry”. But the moment I was taking the picture it wasn’t true, socks I’d washed the day before which were supposed to dry on back carrier were still a bit wet after a couple of showers


Zazdrość – in English: Jealousy, lucky me it was only 0,5 and not 1,0 of Jealousy 


Pupki – my favoutrite, in English: Little Bottoms, a few kilometers further I took this picture of one little and one bigger bottom:



Boguchwały – in English: Thank God (in plural, I live in town neighbouring with Boguchwała village which is Thank God in singular).

Thank God that’s all for today 🙂


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