Bicycle trip from Rzeszów to Baltic coast, Pl, … chapter 12, 16th August 2014 – good timing is essential


For the first time during my trip I was to stay 2 days in the same place for Jędrzej agreed without hesitation for my a bit longer staying. I was in the heart of beautiful Mazury district and it would be a shame just to go through without visiting one or two unique places. With Jędrzej and his friends we were to make a mutual bike trip to Święta Lipka. I woke up early as usual and soon was ready to go but it wasn’t before noon that my new Spanish friends seemed to be at least starting thinking about getting ready for a ride. I phoned Jędrzej who spent night in other house and it turned out that our plans would change. So I resolved it’s high time to ride solo again if I want to see anything special that day.

I headed north and soon was surrounded by forest, lakes and meadows, the wievs were splendid. There was even a peacock on cobblestoned road, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed in persuading him to extend wings.


On one of crossroads I noticed a nice sculpture of a knight.


It was beginning to drizzle when I reached Święta Lipka, historic Marian sanctuary packed with German tourists. I was lucky I got there just before 15.30 because at that time a short organ concert started before wedding mass at 4 p.m. Old instrument has moving parts (angels, windmills, stars etc.) which made quite a show with solemn although sometimes also cheerful music.



When I got back to bicycle I found funny view of a stork ready to go by bike. To leave no doubt – it wasn’t my bike.


Next place I wanted to see was Reszel, old medieval town. Although one can easily see how much money is still needed to make it look neatly and to finish restoring, the old town impressed me with its authenticity. And I just love gothic architecture.


The view from castle wondow is impressing.


On my way back I met a hord of strange looking cows, probably ready for a severe Mazurian winter.


Back in Mrągowo I was  lucky again to be just in time – the Spanish-Polish meal was almost ready and tasted delicious.

I had no other way out but to volunteer for dish washing.



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