Bicycle trip from Rzeszów to Baltic coast, Pl, … chapter 13, 17th August 2014 – the least bicycle-friendly stage


Off I went from Mrągowo towards Olsztyn. It’s a nice direction for car drivers as lately rebuilt road nr 16 is a fast and sort of expressway, but creates problems for cyclists, especially not the local ones. Bicycles are not allowed there, of course for the sake of safety. There are also narrow lanes along the main road where one can ride a bike, but the problem is they just vanish sometimes, are severed and you don’t know how to get where you want. Generally, there are no many roadsigns there. It’s a pity because that area has a huge tourist potential for cyclists, but unfortunately someone forgot how to make use of it.

On my way I reached The Dadaj lake which is very important for me for as I heard family stories it was there I spent my first holiday in tent some 40 years ago. After visiting the nearest village I went on discovering my way to Olsztyn.

Where I could I chose local roads. In NE Poland they are often quite twisty and there are rows of old trees along them.

 It is picturesque, but too often driving there ends really badly.


I was glad to reach safely Olsztyn at last. As I have never been to this beautiful medieval town at the outset I headed to tourist information for a map and information where to find camping, my first regular camp during this journey. Outside the entrance there was a line of tourist bikes, the sign that I struck home.


After a few minutes I was ready to visit the old town of Olsztyn.


It was very nice to roam through streets full of people, look at the castle, old churches, the main square.


Finally I got to camping located by one of many nearby lakes. It was in western part ot town suburbs which was convenient to me as it saved me a few kilometers of riding next day.


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