Bicycle trip from Rzeszów to Baltic coast, Pl, … chapter 14, 18th August 2014 – colourful, almost fairy-tale village


First thing early morning after waking up I felt cold, so warmed myself up with hot shower and left camping. My aim for that evening was Elbląg town. I hadn’t settled accommodation there, so was really pleased answering a phone call as it turned out that very nice CS member Ania was inviting me to her flat. Having an issue of where to sleep off my mind, the rest of the day passed very pleasantly with the exception of weather which was beginning to deteriorate as I was closer to Elbląg and entered the town in gushes of wind and partly wet after couple of showers.

But earlier that day I found myself in a fairy-tale. Almost. Reaching Nowe Kawkowo village I was taken by surprise when I saw the aristically painted signs and other items which made me feel like in other reality.


Soon it turned out there is lavender field in that village too, quite unique for Poland, especially for it’s northern part with climate much more severe than Provence or Croatia.

The next surprise was a bus-stop, the one so cute, with painted qusi windows I’ve never saw similar one in Poland. I told older woman I met there that it’s the most beautiful bus-stop in Poland and she was a bit surprised, but also glad and told that every painting in this village was made by their mayor with the soul of an artist.


I did my best to spend more time in that merry village but eventually I had to go.

First, I reached Morąg town. I stopped by Lidl shop to buy something to eat and noticed a bicycle with a trailer with a lot of stuff in it and the flag of Republic of South Africa.


I was so intrigued by it that of course I managed to meet the owner after he did his shopping. We had nice little chat and I learned that this man was in his third year of great journey (“I’m retired and it’s all my life”) cycling all the way through Africa and Europe. From Poland he was to go back to RSA and I’d hoped he’d go through my town going south, so I invited him, but when he checked his maps with detailed itinerary for future travel it turned out he’d miss my town about 160 km going from Cracov straight south to Zakopane and later Slovakia.

I paid him my deep respect for his incredible challenge, we wished each other all the best and I set off to visit old town of Morąg, including the town hall with original Swedish few hundred years old cannons and remnants of a castle.


Next stop – another medieval brick old town – Pasłęk. I visited it being a bit in a hurry as there were sinister black clouds on the western horizon and I was afraid of imminent massive storm.

About half an hour wasn’t enough to admire all that town had to offer, but enough to take a few picture of old gates and charming but a bit derelict lane leading somewhere down.


Finally I made it to Elbląg where I spent wonderful time in company of Ania and her boyfriend, sipping delicious soup we shared our travelling stories, it was nice to know that we have in common a few  places we like much.

I was really tired that day, and as it emerged some time later, so distracted that I’d forgotten to take from bathroom my cycling clothing after taking shower. Ania sent it back to me by post a few days later and I was very ashamed as I left it dirty and opening the parcel I found it all washed and fragrant.


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