The Jews in Dynów

Dynów – a little, sleepy, provincial town in south-eastern Poland, a place where, as we sometimes say, birds are turning back, 40 km south of Rzeszów. But the landscape is really nice, San river, hills, a lot of green every direction you look. But to say the truth – nothing special.

So, you can easily understand how awe-struck surprised* I was seeing in Dynów such a scene as below.


The Jews in their traditional garb. It wouldn’t be a shock for me if it was some 70 years earlier. Polish towns like Dynów before WWII had essential Jewish minority, in some cases it could be majority as well. But after Holocust and after the war with “help” of ruling communists almost no Jew at all left in Poland, let alone ones practicing their habits.

I searched a bit in internet and found that Hassidic Centre of Polish Jews were built lately in Dynów and that’s why we can meet again guests of original culture, which was so closely tied with Polish before WWII.

* In the first version of this post, before edition which I made today I used word “awe-struck” instead of “surprised”. I admit it was my word-mistake as of course I hadn’t been frightened by these people 🙂 It’s because my English vocabulary is still too limited and sometimes my poor memory plays tricks on me. And it probably will happen again as it’s not such fun to check every second word in a dictionary and blogging should be fun, shouldn’t it?. And I did was awe-struck when I realised what I had published in the first draft 🙂


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