Strange coincidence

There are sometimes situations that are hard to explain, sometimes funny, sometimes just strange. About month ago I was reading a book “Meat” by Joseph D’Lacey. I will not reveal the exact plot of this novel, but the action is set mainly in a slaughterhouse and the more you read the less you want to eat meat.

But I can tell fiction from life and didn’t stop eating meat even after I‘ve finished the book (to be precise we don’t eat much meat at home). I haven’t discussed about “Meat” with my family either. And I’m sure my daughter didn’t read the book, even fragments of it, when I was  away, because the book is in English and she unfortunately doesn’t like English and reads tons of books, but only in Polish.

The strange thing is that one day, when I was about halfway through the book my daughter asked me not to put ham to her school sandwich and 2 days later she announced that from that day she’s not going to eat meat anymore. When we asked her for the reasons for such a resolution she said that looking or smelling meat make her sick. A few weeks passed from that day and she still doesn’t eat meat although it’s a bit problem for her as she’s told to prepare by herself alternative meals on days when we eat meat dishes.

I thought that it’s kind of anti-meat fashion among her school friends but rather it is not the issue.

Was it really only coincidence?


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