Strange coincidence 2

Funny situation occurred today when I answered a phone. It was a bank worker proposing me one of their financial service. I have an internet  bank account in that bank and when it’s worker sometimes calls me he verifies my identity asking about my birth date and place and 3 of 9 digits of password that the bank had sent me earlier by sms.

After positively verifying details of my birth the call went on like that:

(bank worker) – “OK, I will explain you details of this service, I just only have to ask you now for 3 digits of your password to check, please give me the second, third and ninth digit”

(me) – “2, 3 and 9”

One minute of silence

(bw) – “If you give these 3 digits we can continue with our service”

(me) – “Sure, 2, 3 and 9”

Another long period of silence

(bw) – “Yes, in that order”

(me) – “I’ve already told you the digits”

(bw) – “Did you ?? So, please repeat them”

(me) – “2, 3, and 9”

(bw) – “Let me check …. 2, 3 and 9, yes, you’re right!  I’m really sorry, I thought you were just repeating after me …”

And we eventually could go to the gist of bank matter…

My whole password was 823672429 (and info for potential hackers – it’s already changed 🙂 ).


2 thoughts on “Strange coincidence 2

  1. Hey guy, ain’t seen much of you lately. Hope all is well w/you. The brave new world we live in isn’t getting any easier . At least you got to deal with a human, and not another “smartmachine”. See ya soon

  2. Hi, I’m fine, thanks for your concern 🙂 Yes, dealing with human is better than with soulless machines and I and my family had lots of laugh after that bank call. But you know, sometimes people act like they are machines. One day I came to the cinema, it was morning, I went there only to buy tickets for the evening picture, but a seller ofered me buying popcorn besides tickets. I looked at him with astonishment painted on my face, than he was thinking a little and answered- sorry, it’s just a talk-scheme we are obliged to stick to…

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