Skiing in wonderful ice-land

2015-02-12 10.59.45

Once again we went skiing to Chyrowa in Beskid Niski, Poland. What we saw off the beaten track was amazingly beatiful.

Every branch of tree and bush was covered with thick coat of ideal transparent ice.

2015-02-12 10.50.33

2015-02-12 11.10.00

2015-02-12 11.10.57

We couldn’t help taking more and more pictures, here are just a few of them.

2015-02-12 11.40.04

It was like in fairy-tale, Narnia or something.

2015-02-12 11.10.39

2015-02-12 10.06.41

It was really hard to come back at evening from this paradise to grey, snow-les and ice-les winter town.


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