Third time lucky !

Yeah, I did it and really third time was eventually lucky ! I’m happy again! But, what was it? Interview! This time the chairman of the company proposed me job and I agreed! Maybe it’s nothing special in rich countries like USA or Australia but for me here, in Poland (and far from Warsaw) it’s big big SOMETHING.

A few reasons I think so are:

  1. I was looking for this job 14 months, OK, let’s say that during first half of that period I wasn’t looking very intensely, because after 20 years of hard work I DID wanted to rest a bit, so I travelled, I was polishing my English, I did what I always wanted but never had time to etc etc. But even then I was looking for, and later I was looking really diligently sending every day a few CVs. For almost no response. People say one can’t find job in Poland when one doesn’t have acquaintances. I don’t belong to people who know lots of other people, so I had to find a job on my own. It looked gloomy. And I didn’t want to become millionth Pole looking for a job in UK.
  2. It wasn’t that bad. I had few answers and invitations for interviews. Two. The first interview was very nice, a recruitment specialists was deeply interested in my … hobby – bicycle riding, we did shared this passion, but he didn’t share my passion for getting the job the company offered. Second interview – nice lady offered me job, sure, but it wasn’t normal kind of job contract – I was to get only commissions from company and I was to run my own business. I wouldn’t be emloyed at all! And I didn’t want to run a business, I wanted to get a job!
  3. I won’t tell what exactly is my occupation, but it is in bank branch and kind of job that is not necceserily done in the same town where clients live. So, last few years was a period of moving these positions to bigger towns and the best to Warsaw. So, after that time in my town left few jobs of this position. I felt like fisherman looking for a job in the middle of Sahara desert. And I didn’t want to move to bigger town, let alone to Warsaw. And I didn’t want to leave my family for at least 5 days a week.
  4. I’m 45. I decided maybe time came to change occupation, to do something else. OK, I made 3-month course which broaden my skills of something I partially studied long time ago and started looking in this line. One big failure, I didn’t get a job because I didn’t have 2, 3 or 5 years of experience which are required and no one wanted to take me as an apprentice because I’m too old. Catch 22?

Today a miracle happened. I answered a phone and it turned out that it’s from company where I sent my CV half a year ago. Three hours later I was after nice interview and we shaked hands with the chairman agreeing on conditions of my work! I’m starting tomorrow! I’ll work again in my old occupation. Hooray!


9 thoughts on “Third time lucky !

  1. gratulacje i powodzenia! czyli bankowość, jeśli dobrze zrozumiałam – mój angielski zdycha…BTW – fajny pomysł (i niezłe ćwiczenie) z pisaniem bloga w obcym języku.

    1. Dzięki Olga! Tak, branża okołobankowa, chociaż tym razem to już nie bank (może to i lepiej?). Przyznam Ci się że już zacząłem mieć wątpliwości czy można w Polsce znaleźć pracę bez pleców, zwłaszcza na tzw prowincji i dobrze po 40-ce. Okazuje się jednak, że cuda się zdarzają! A blog po angielsku – temu miał głównie służyć, żeby zmusić szare komórki do gimnastyki, bo bierne czytanie/słuchanie daje słabe rezultaty u mnie, a kontaktu z angielskim mam b. mało (ostatni gość z zagranicy z CS był jesienią 2014:). Pozdro z I dnia pracy, a właściwie z przerwy w badaniach medycyny zdrowia 🙂

  2. Thanks! Yesterday we made first spring walk in sunny forest with about +15C, it was great, first flowers, first butterflies… but today there’s precipitation of wet … snow. But spring is already in the air!

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