If you can’t go to Bulgaria let Bulgaria ride to you

Emil and Snezha were my next warmshowers.org bicycle-riding guests. They rode to me from far away Bulgaria. I’m afraid they’re one of not many exceptions, as generally Poles and other “north” Europeans go to sunny Bulgaria to rest on coast of warm Black sea and visit beautiful and interesting historical places like Nesebyr or Caliakra Cape. I don’t think many Bulgarians were in Poland, especially for summer holiday. But maybe it’s nice to go north when you have almost day by day over 30 C degrees through half a year…

My guests told me that far more beautiful than seaside are Bulgarian mountains like Pirin or Rodop. Looking at photos of them I have to admit they’re right and I’ve already started to consider Bulgarian mountains as one of my holiday destination in future…

What was funny for me was what they told about Polish car drivers: they have respect for bicycle riders and don’t provoke dangerous situations. That’s quite different opinion from what I heard from bikers from Sweden or Canada. That’s why I would be afraid to ride a bike in Bulgaria… I wish my Bulgarian guests  a lot of happy adventures on their road.



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