New threat for public transport users ?

We’re (almost) all shocked by what happened lately onboard Germanwings plane over French Alps. Shortly after it turned out that this awful accident wasn’t caused by a fault of machine or by human error, but was wittingly scheduled by second pilot, Lufthansa ordered a rule of two pilots in cockpit. Maybe it will help to increase safety level in planes, but I thought what about e.g. buses. Even local city busdriver can kill his passengers falling from bridge, driving into river etc, Alps are not necessary and it’s not possible to place two drivers behind steering wheel. And just today I heard on tv that a young woman wanted to commit suicide  turning abruptly sterring wheel of a bus full of people between Warsaw and Lublin in Poland. Fortunately driver managed to pulled away and stop avoiding crash but it was really close. But what if a driver was woman and a suicider strong man? Everyone presumes that young woman was influenced by last news about Germanwings plane. What makes people act that way that they want to take with them to grave as many other people as possible? Do they want to become “celebrities” of some crazy kind? Should we be afraid of using public transport more than so far?


Yearning for the summer


Now is my second most hated season of a year. The first is late November – days are very short and you can’t expect real snowy winter any soon. Now, end of February and beginning of March, I’m bored with winter, which was poor this year, with very little snow (yeah, I live in Poland, not in USA, esp. not in Boston 😉 and frost. I can’t wait till it’s bright, colorful spring and hot sunny summer!

So, waiting for a significant change in weather I reached for pictures from last summer holiday to cheer up. Wonderful Croatian island of Korcula. It wasn’t easy to get to beautiful little beaches hidden in narrow bays (sometimes you had to drive down from approx. 500 m above sea level through very narrow winding lanes, just for 1 car, sharp turn after turn), but the views were amazing. And this colour of sea!